Tina Schmidt Portrait

"Fans of 'Mad Men', graphic novels, and cocktail culture will want to visit Tina Schmidt's World"
-Atomic Ranch Magazine

Tina Schmidt's Mid Century Planet art is a salute to the iconic popular culture of the 1960's! Her "Retro-fusion" paintings are a fusion of lifestyle, fashion, design, and iconic architecture of the 60's. Her paintings go well beyond the surface of charecter and circumstance to theat of whole environments where shape, light, form and shadow play an important role in the visual storytelling. Swanky lounge glamour, chic women, men of class and high expecations, social gatherings, poolside martinis, and the mid-century lifestyle is where it all comes to life as the signature elements of Tina Schidt's paintings!

*Not affiliated with Warner Brothers "Pleasentville" or Lionsgate "Mad Men".
Resembances to persons living or dead is purely conicidental and the artist makes no claimes to the contrary and does not make any claims to represent those whose likeness may appear by such coincidences.